Commercials and TV
Music Videos
The Disillusion Of Pretty Butterflies   2015                               Bella Maori
​Middle of the Night                              2014                               David Scheinbaum                                                      Amy
​Pawsie Pet Pillow Commercial        2013                                                                                                                      Self
Lays Wavy Commercial Spec          2013                                Ryan Nunnerley                                                            Lead
Bathory   (Short)                                 2013                                                                                                                       Lead
School Dance                                    2012                               Nick Cannon                                                                 Fly Girl
Sons of Anarchy                                2012                               FX                                                                                  Jeanie (olsen twin)                          Built To Shred                                    2012                               Fuel TV                                                                          Self
Castle                                                 2012                                                                                                                       Stripper

Geico  Spec                                      2011                              Jesse Krompier                                                              Wife
Silk Soymilk Spec                            2011                              Jesse Krompier                                                              Lead 
RocknSocks                                      2011                              Steve Bravler (Director)                                                 Lead
ntourage                                          2010                              Season 7, Episode 9                                                     Restaurant Patron
NASCAR Commercial                     2010                              Michael Wolf (Director)                            
Shampaw Viral Video                      2010                                                                                                                        Shampaw Girl
Doritos Commercial    Spec            2010                               Steve Bralver (Director)                                                 Lead Girl
Doritos Commercial    Spec            2010                               Pablo Pena (Director)                                                   Janet
Axe Commercial Spec                     2010                               Brian C. May (Director)                                                 Girl on Bed
Axe Commercial Spec                     2010                               Christian Ford (Director)                                               Vampire
Axe Commercial Spec                     2010                               Jonathan Lumbley                                                         Bikini Girl
LA  A Go Go Reality Pilot                 2010                              Shawn Miles  (Director)                                                 Self    
Mr. Sunshine (Starring Mathew Perry)        2010                                                                                                                       Lingerie Football Player           
MTV's Bromance                              2009                               MTV Show Intro and Episode 1                                  Go Go Dancer
Rock of Love Bus Commercial        2008                               VH1                                                                                Pole Dancer


Drive  (starring Ryan Gosling)          2010                                                                                                              Exotic Dancer
Darkness Falls   (Short Film)       2011                              Nick Thiel and CJ Johnson                                  Female Lead
Killing Mr. Wright  (lifetime Movie) 2011                                                                                                              Dancer
Driven                                                                2008                     Bret Michaels                                      VH1                                    Dancer
California Grace                                               2006                     Long Beach Short Bus  
Sugar Daddy Santa Claus                              2010                     Randy Scott                                   King of the Blues                    Wife 
Breaking Down Takes Two                             2011                     Phlying Saucer                                                                               Lead
Kill Yourself                                                       2012                     Avion and the Dirty Touch                                                              Dancer
School Dance                                                  2012                     Nick Cannon                                                                                    Fly Girl
Wasteland                                                         2012                    The Dimes                                                                                      Lead
Its About Nothing                                             2012                     Takers                                                                                              Lead

Pole Dance instruction DVD                               2011                                      Power Pro Pole                                                   Host/Lead
The Vintage                                                           2012                                      Vintage Hair Studio                                            Host/Lead