Born in Long Beach, CA, Caitlin's heart was always close to Hollywood and the performing lifestyle.  She began dancing at the age of 2 and has never stopped since.  Along the way she developed strong training in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and modern styles.  At the age of 20 she began training in pole dance, burlesque, and the aerial arts.  Creativity and strength have make this journey a very special and important part of everyday life for Caitlin.

During her high school years she was part of several competitive cheerleading teams as well as coaching her own.  She also fell in love with drama classes and performing on a stage.  After graduation Caitlin took several jobs working for big companies such as Sony and Jetblue, however she never really found that going to work everyday was something that she loved there.  Eventually Caitlin left the business world in pursuit of her dreams, acting and dancing.  She felt that she would rather be a struggling actress that loves her job over a miserable business woman.

While on her journey she opened a dance studio and ran it successfully for 6 years and eventually closed it in hopes of working more in film and television.  A goal of many and a success of only few.  With her business mind and steady focus on acting, Caitlin is off to a great start to a what is certain to be a memorable journey.

In her spare time Caitlin runs a burlesque showtroupe called the Dirty Little Secrets.  As a natural performer and leader, Caitlin can keep the dancing and choreographer side of her in constant motion.  Dancing at several LA and Orange County venues, this group of dancers is a true passion in Caitlin's life and something she hopes to continue for many years to come.

Currently Caitlin has been working on music videos, tv, and other awesome film projects that keep her booked up.  Most recently filming several horror genre films and shorts.  Modeling is also something that Caitlin has grown quite fond of.  Working on several projects a month has been a wonderful experience for her, and her ability has grown in many different directions throughout the years.  There are only more amazing things to come for this hardworking, young actress!

                                                                      Caitlin is currently SAG-Aftra.